QS Global MBA Rankings 2023: Release Summary


By Dmytro F

Updated November 15, 2022 Updated November 15, 2022

Release Summary

analysi后偶尔会报告错误s is complete and after institutions have received their rank and scores. In such cases, QS first rectifies the issue and where necessary updates the institution with a corrected set of results. If a rank change occurs we place the corrected institution in its correct position but leave all other institutions unaffected. This can result in two institutions in the same rank position with slightly different scores. In the case of an institution being removed from the rankings, again no other institutions will be affected but a gap may appear in the ranks. This is the initial version of the rankings published on the 29th ofSeptember 2022, with no post-publication edits yet. Once any correction occurs, you can view its summary on this page.

This article was originally published in September 2022 . It was last updated in November 2022

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